Brand tone & web copy

People are drawn to brands that share their values. They want to know where you’ve come from and what you stand for. One of the ways you can communicate this is through your brand tone. Some call it ‘tone of voice’, others ‘verbal identity’. Not sure what I mean? Think of two people at a party. One is a cool, fashionable actor. Another is the guy on the dance floor, playing for laughs. Which is Innocent smoothies, and which is the latest iPhone? You were able to answer because you know their tone of voice.

I’m experienced in crafting tonal identities for all kinds of brands in all kinds of industries. And I work iteratively until, like Goldilocks, it feels just right. I’ll then lock it down with a set of guidelines, and (if you need it) staff training.

If I could give you one tip: Have an audit of your brand assets and examine their tonal values. Are they consistent across each platform? Does anything need dialling up, or down? You need to ensure your brand’s personality sounds the same whether it’s your latest radio ad or your customer complaints template.

Web copy

If speeches make words sing, web copy makes them work twice as hard. And although web design is hugely important, it’s words that do the heavy lifting. They’re the point of transaction, creating the litmus test for any site: can I persuade you to take things further?

So I use words to cut through the noise. After all, good copy should feel invisible, almost as though it’s a one-on-one conversation. I also use words to differentiate you. Because yes, your company is great, the reviews are soaring… the trouble is, your competitors are saying the same thing. Which means that if we work together, I’ll ask you to tell me why you’re different. Finally, I use words to express your values, scaling up your website so it becomes a powerful brand experience.

All of this means we can attract the right kind of audience, and get you the results you need.

If I could give you one tip: Keep it simple. Because too much web copy becomes the equivalent of a messy bedroom. Resist the temptation to say absolutely everything and instead, prioritise short bursts of copy with accessible language, powerful images and stylish aesthetics. Then dovetail all of this into a clean, low-effort website.