Articles & creative content

This is an overview of some of my workstreams.

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Thought leadership bylines
A byline, in case you don’t know, is simply the line that names the author of an article. It usually comes after the main headline. I ghost-write bylined articles on behalf of busy corporate leaders. I can articulate what it is you want to say in the way you want to say it. I also offer new ideas to add weight or an interesting slant. The result is a credible and fully researched piece of work, infused with your tone of voice.

Taglines, straplines, and slogans
We’re living in the age of the attention economy. I don’t like it any more than you do. And brands are under increased pressure to produce engaging copy on a perennial cycle of inspiration. Maybe I can help. Whatever the subject or the platform, we can work collaboratively until something hits the spot. And then you can relax. Until the next crazy deadline.

Social media
I can create sharp, persuasive content for all your social media assets. Having previously managed a household name social media account, I know what it takes to create more clicks and increased dwell time.


If I could give you one tip: If you’re a start-up, don’t plan on posting on your social channels in real time, daily. Instead, follow the lead of major brands and create what’s known as a content calendar. Write up all your posts (for all your channels) around six months in advance, including images. You can edit and ‘react’ as you go along.