Coaching & workshops

We work in a culture of first drafts. Type an email. Send. Create a status update. Post. Work up some slides. Speak. But it’s only in crafting a message that we can truly create impact.

Writing workshops: The content of my writing workshops very much depends on who’s attending and why. For example I can create an entire session on how to write a press release, or best practice when writing case studies. But as a guide, I usually cover elements such as tone of voice; the art of story-telling; the importance of structure; and a selection of tips and hacks. Get in touch and we can talk about the kind of content you need.

Presentation coaching: When it comes to presentations, too many people take the same approach: basically opening laptops and using slides as prompts. They don’t apply a strategy. And they rarely think about tangible outcomes. My workshops take a fundamentally different approach. Because I believe that the secret to a good presentation doesn’t come from the presentation itself but from a methodology and framework. Using the skills I’ve learned from working in live TV and radio, I’m an advocate for content that’s audience-focused, not slide-focused. As a by-product, this means fewer nerves, and better habits (I’ll explain).